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October 02, 2006

Funds to save Air America Radio almost in mail

In December 2004, a group of millionaires and billionaires - led by George Soros - met in Scottsdale Arizona to start the "Phoenix Group", which has since disbursed tens of millions of dollars to a variety of "progressive causes". However, one of the most "progressive" of causes has not yet seen a dime:

...At the first meeting in Phoenix, Alliance partners agreed that funding media would be a front-and-center priority. Instead, says one early member of the media committee, "it keeps getting shuttled to the back, over and over." Partly that was because at the beginning of the process few members were familiar with progressive media. In time, the media committee developed a plan to fund bloggers, investigative reporting and media reform efforts. Now, in the run-up to Miami, says another media committee member, that plan has been slashed in half. Media Matters did receive an $11 million commitment over three years--but it only tracks right-wing media rather than producing original content. Air America Radio was supposed to receive between $5 million and $8 million from the Alliance, but after months of negotiations it still has received no money. Other efforts, such as The American Prospect magazine and the start-up Progressive Book Club, are also in limbo...

AAR is probably just too shy to come to terms with George Soros' group. What the PG should do instead is fund a series of Boys & Girls Clubs, which will then give "loans" to the ever-struggling network.

Bonus tip: instead of starting a book club, how about starting a progressive Amway distributorship network?

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