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October 09, 2006

Mystery building in Secaucus only has Air America repeater

air america's mystory building in secaucus new jersey The Hudson Reporter reports:
A whitewashed building sits on Radio Avenue in the north end of Secaucus, surrounded by low-lying wetlands and a series of high-spiraling white and orange antennas.

Its juxtaposition next to single-family homes is startling, and the building itself remains a mystery to residents because it provides not a single sign or word on it explaining its use...
Some locals blather on and on, speculating that it houses a radio repeater for WWRL, Air America Radio's new sinking New York City flagship. And, some even complain about the signals coming from the building bleeding into their TVs and telephones. AAR won't confirm whether it's their building or not:
"We would not exactly want people to know what it is," said Adriane Gaines, WWRL's station general manager, "given the current environment that we are in [referring to terrorism]. Radio transmitters and towers are very vulnerable in the current climate of security in America."
Like I said, she won't confirm what it's for. And, that's certainly understandable, since AAR is probably right near the top of most terrorists' hit lists, somewhere between al Jazeera and DailyKos.

In any case, rest assured, Secausites! That screeching you hear in your telephones is just Randi Rhodes, and there's nothing going on in that building other than just repeating radio signals. Nothing else goes on there at all.

Posted in Meta at October 9, 2006 05:07 AM


WWRL owner's are like that, but who really cares aar Is joke.

Posted by: t_life at October 9, 2006 04:50 PM

I used to live next to that building, and it used to have a small sign on it identifying it as WWRL. and yes - it does bleed into the phone - I had to install filters on all my phones.

Posted by: Thomas at October 11, 2006 07:49 PM

Monitoring Air America Radio [TM] so you don't have to.


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