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October 17, 2006

Nova M Radio Network issues statement

Sheldon Drobny's new radio network has issued completely voluntary statement.

It includes this "quip" from Mike Malloy, their top star:

"Yikes! That was close. To not be on the air during perhaps the most critical election in modern U-S history would have been a real bummer. But, we're back and here it is: The Nova M Radio network. Another crack in the wall of right-wing drivel that saturates the airwaves. Join me nightly, truth-seekers and goodbye Air America - hello Nova M!"

And, we're informed that the one-hour per week show from "renowned pollster" John Zogby will be a fun game:

At the end of each show John will reveal the secret results of the poll and each listener will then know whether or not they have their finger on "The Pulse of the Nation"!

Perhaps they could give away tote bags and bumper stickers to the winners.

And, we're informed that another host will be Peter B. Collins, "San Francisco-based syndicated talk show host [...who's a] veteran radio personality".

Caught in an off moment, CEO & Chairman Mike "Doc" Newcomb M.D. stated:

"We will continue to build upon the foundation laid by our predecessors and will work tirelessly to fulfill our fiduciary responsibilities to our investors. Equally important, we will with the millions of faithful progressive listeners uphold our vision to promote freedom, social justice, economic justice and peace worldwide."

Or, as an alternative, they'll crash and burn just like Air America.

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