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November 04, 2006

Air America Radio smear reporter detained (George Allen)

As if taking a "loan" from a Boys & Girls Club wasn't bad enough, Air America Radio has apparently been trying to reach a new low by employing sleazy "liberal" blogger Mike Stark as a "reporter". Stark is the person who tried to ask Virginia senatorial candidate George Allen a despicable question earlier in the week and ended up being wrestled to the ground. However, that appears to have taken place after Stark had pushed past an Allen supporter. The pictures at the last link make it look like Stark is a physical threat to the candidate rather than the sympathetic victim that he's been portrayed as.

Now, he's been detained, handcuffed, and released after allegedly pushing an Allen supporter to the ground. And, this time he claims he was a reporter for the Young Turks.
On Saturday, Allen supporters formed a human wall to block Stark's access to the senator, who is in a tight election race with Democrat Jim Webb. As Stark tried to sidestep the wall, he brushed the side of a supporter, who fell. A deputy sheriff grabbed Stark, put his arm behind his back and led him away to the cheers of about 100 Allen supporters.

Stark said that he had little contact with the man and that he overheard him tell another supporter that he planned to "take a dive."

The supporter who fell refused to give his name or talk about the incident.

Senatorial aide Dan Allen said his boss was concerned by Stark's presence because his daughter, a student at nearby James Madison University, was at the event and "he wanted to make sure she was safe."

"He's hoping authorities can handle it, and he's not going to allow incidents like these to distract him from discussing the issues that matter most to him," the aide said...
This is truly "reporting", Air America Radio style. This isn't real reporting in any way, shape or form. It might be therapy for Stark and other "progressives", but is not a real debate about issues.

Allen supporters could respond by going to Webb appearances and using signs, flyers, and shouting if necessary to peacefully ask Webb tough policy questions. If they ask the right questions, that might show up both Webb's policies as well as Stark's smear attempts.

On a lighter note, Cenk Uygur of the Turks announced the hiring on the HuffPost, and one of the comments says:
Well, since it's Air America Radio...the first tough question Mike should ask is....

"Am I going to get paid anytime soon?!?!?!"

Posted in Meta at November 4, 2006 07:47 PM


you're an idiot. the only positive in your article is that it makes a better argument against free speech than the bush administration.

Posted by: mia at November 5, 2006 08:57 AM

You pasty faced 750 pound right wingers can flatulate all you want, you are about to be skunked on Tuesday. You have showed the world what you have to offer when given power, and the world is about to smack you down - probably with war crimes trials but first with the Congressional hearings you have denied all along, and which will now discredit you for good and put a whole bunch of your waddling tub butts in prison.

Posted by: gregrocker at November 5, 2006 12:33 PM

None of them are going to prison, bub. The Dems are going to make themselves look like total fools.

Posted by: Scott at November 8, 2006 07:34 PM

Crooked republicans resign.....crooked democrats just get reelected. Alan Mollahan crimes make Delay look like a traffic ticket!

Posted by: Neohammer at November 9, 2006 07:40 PM

Monitoring Air America Radio [TM] so you don't have to.


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