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February 14, 2007

Al Franken's last day: live coverage

Following an extremely exciting Tom Oliphant segment, Al Franken is now upping the tempo (as if that were possible!), bringing on Joe Conason to pimp his new book, "It can happen here". Al knew that Sinclair Lewis was from Minnesota, but seemed a bit unclear on the meaning of the word "dystopian". Conason jumped in, defining it in terms even Franken could understand: "the opposite of utopian".

Is there a Tivo for radio? Even better, can't IBM or someone come up with a voice recognition thing that would create a live transcript? It's not that bad, it's just that there's an exciting show on the Paint Drying Channel that I'd rather be watching.

Alright! It's going to get even more exciting in the next episode, which will feature "Stormin' Norman" Ornstein. Boo yah!

Just leave already. He's dividing the exit into two segments. The first with the news that he's going, and the second with the news of what he's doing.

WHAT!?!?!? Al Franken is running for Senate? I never expected to hear him say that!

Here's a video tribute - une homage - to Franken:

(For some reason Youtube pulled the video I uploaded there.)

Posted in StuartSmalley at February 14, 2007 10:37 AM


Why would anyone go to great lengths to create a poor attempt to slander a person who has accomplished many things in life. As far as I can tell, Franken is a good man who worries about the state of our nation. 65% of Americans agree with Al that things need to change. Drop some your hate and produce a good web page, you can change too.

Posted by: dudeson at February 17, 2007 07:59 AM

Smell the coffee right wingers. Based on the number of comments on your site the right wing bilge you anti-Americans spew is being rejected by thinking Americans. Your headed for the dust bin of history. Not a minute too soon.

Posted by: Miblue at February 18, 2007 03:09 PM

Monitoring Air America Radio [TM] so you don't have to.


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