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February 01, 2007

Cliff Schecter beats the right-wing noise machine!

Terrific news from deep inside the trenches, as Comrade Cliff Schecter informs us that he's beat the right-wing noise machine:

We don't have FoxNews. We don't have Rush Limbaugh... But we have something almost as powerful, if recent events tell an accurate story. We have synergy. Coordination. Call it what you will.

He goes on to relate how he started a new site called The Real John McCain (therealmccain.com). Now, since Schecter doesn't have access to Fox News or Rush, he had to do a lot of work to overcome the massive right-wing bias of the news media.

First, he broke open his piggybank and used what little money he had printing up some mimeographed copies of a screed describing the site. Then, working with his partner in the venture ("filmmaker Robert Greenwald and his fantastic team at Brave New Films"), he was "mentioned on almost every medium-sized and high-traffic progressive blog". He was featured on the Young Turks show on Air America. He was featured on Alternet. The Los Angeles Times did a front-page story on his effort. They got mentioned in a San Francisco Chronicle blog.

Now, if you're thinking that that's prima facie evidence of a liberal media bias, you're completely wrong. If there were liberal bias, they would have gotten the front pages of the WaPo and the NYT, and they haven't (yet). And, of course, they don't have Rush or Fox News, so liberals don't control everything. Yet.

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