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March 06, 2007

Air America's Mark Green: "unmitigated disaster that's Iraq" helps Democrats

The brother of Air America's new owner, Mark Green, sent me an email earlier today announcing that the Revolution Had Come: the day when the Green Brothers "formally purchased and took over Air America Radio". Only at the end did I read "Originally Released on The Huffington Post (March 6, 2007)"; apparently he posted it there instead of at airamericaradio.com because he actually wanted people to see it.

It's described here as a collection of cliches, but my fellow VRWC member seems to have missed what might be Marc Green's first big mistake:

For if we can't now grow and prosper as Democrats -- given the 110th Congress, given the unmitigated disaster that's Iraq, given a slew of top-quality presidential aspirants -- when will we?

I'll leave it to the spin-meisters to decide, but isn't Green saying that the Democrats should profit from the Iraq war? Isn't he saying by extension that the worse the situation in Iraq becomes, the more the Democrats will profit from the situation?

On a infantalistic note, he says:

It's now ready to go from The Perils of Pauline to The Little Engine that Could.

Then, we get the news that they're going to "think outside the (radio) box" by expanding into other media types that no one will pay any attention to. And, AAR will fight "plutocracy and theocracy" with their "pro-democracy hosts". Then, he goes even further around the bend:

bs meter

we are the alternative of truth, justice and the Air American way... it's this conversation called democracy that's the cornerstone of Air America 2.0... join our journey to a better network, better programming, and a better country. To tell them that it's your America, and your Air America.

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Monitoring Air America Radio [TM] so you don't have to.


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