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April 16, 2007

Al Franken at Kandiyohi County DFL's "best bean feed fundraiser ever"

senator al franken minnesota bean feed

Sources report that Al Franken and other DFLers (the Minnesota version of the Party of Socialism and Liberation) spent Saturday at the Kandiyohi County DFL's "best bean feed fundraiser ever". For your protection, I'm going to translate the report into the local language:

An annual potluckah hosted by the Kandiyohi County DFLah turned into a banner event Saturday evening youbetcha after several of the state's big-wig democrats ayup made appearances to schmoozeah the locals and raisah money for the DFL party. Eh? Eh!

More than 150-ah locals watched Alah Frankenah, and they had their best take ever. But, he wasn't aloneah!

Willmar's State Rep Al Juhnke perused the room along with former state Senate Majority Leader Dean Johnson. Other well-known state DFLers such as Michael Ciresi and James Cohen were also present.


Before coming to Saturday's fundraiser, Franken participated in a candidate debate in Granite Falls and later had coffee with Johnson in Willmar... Although Franken said he didn't get a chance to mingle with too many locals during his coffee break, "talking to Dean is a good substitute," he said... "Rural Minnesota is a good place to be," [Michael Ciresi] said.


And for those who didn't get their fill, there was always 10-by 5-inch apple pie that Franni Franken - Al Franken's wife - baked for the auction held after the meal. A similar pie brought in $100 at a different auction, she said... Franni said the monster of a pie was only medium-sized. Careful not to reveal any of her culinary craft, when asked how to bake such a big pie she responded slyly, "you use a lot of apples."

IMPORTANT UPDATE: First, some have written to say that the DFL isn't linked to the Party of Socialism and Liberation; other have suggested I'm thinking of the Revolutionary Communist Party, a former Air America Radio advertiser. Also, a couple have written to say that Minnesota is actually a U.S. state and is not a part of Canada. Those are all interesting points, and keep the letters coming.

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