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April 16, 2007

Janeane Garofalo in Ratatouille, Law Dogs!

There is life after Air America, although it's of a limited, small-time sort for Janeane Garofalo.

In 2006 she had a bit part in "Southland Tales", a foreign-film-made-by-Americans which was supposed to be some sort of wacky farce but appears to have been a massive flop. It "starred" The Rock.

But, things are looking slightly up, as June 2007 will see the airing of a pilot for the TV show "Law Dogs", aka "Untitled Barry Schindel Project" (link). This is slightly better since Ridley Scott is involved, and I like Alien. Livia Trevino co-stars as "Pointing Woman", with Marcuis Harris as Lester. Believe me: once you actually see it and get enmeshed in the drama - or at least be thankful that Janeane isn't wearing a bag - you won't be laughing at how stupid those character names are.

Garoffalo's best project yet might be "Ratatouille" (link), an animated film about a talking rat. Now, most people might think, "vermin?" or think back to the Middle Ages or today's South Bronx, but don't worry: this is a cute animated rat. The animation will make you forget all about food contamination, the black plague, rats biting ghetto children, and all the rest. Plus, it has a "liberal" message: the young rodent deals with anti-rat prejudice. Bottom line: only a speciest would refuse to see this movie.

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