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April 07, 2007

Mrs. Sam Seder reveals truth about Cuban Revolution

Finally, an end to the imperialist propaganda about the Cuban Revolution, as Nicole Cattell - wife of Air America host and progressive icon Sam Seder - offers the documentary REVOLUC!ON (English: REVOLUTION). It airs on WNET in New York City next Tuesday, so at least a few thousand people will be enlightened:

sam sederFor more than a century, Cuba has dared to defy the "Yankee imperialists" 90 miles to its north. Since the triumph of Fidel Castro’s revolution, Cuba has also dared to dream of realizing a utopian society. Yet despite the revolution's many achievements, such as providing health care and education to nearly all Cubans, the cost has been severe—a matter of life and death for thousands of Cubans and the exile of thousands more. Those who remain on the island have suffered limits to their individual freedoms as well as the effects of crippling economic sanctions. To some, the revolution is a celebrated success. To others, it is a dictatorship. And to many more, it falls somewhere in between. With Cuba on the brink of radical transformation and the U.S. embargo clearly outdated, it is necessary to form a new way of understanding the Cuban revolution which transcends the overly simplistic pro-Castro versus anti-Castro dialogue. Through the work of five photographers, REVOLUCION offers a multi-faceted vision of the rise and fall of the revolutionary dream in Cuba.

Via this Huffington Post post from Steve Clemons, a fellow with the Soros-funded New America Foundation. The picture is from him as well. He also passes along the news - of interest to about 10 or 20 people - that Seder will be leaving the network next Friday, the 13th.

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