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May 11, 2007

F.U. Al Franken Campaign News

It's not exactly clear to me whether Air America Radio is still on the air and in any case, unlike frequently in the past, they haven't made any news lately like by taking loans from Boys & Girls clubs or something. Likewise with Al Franken, who's still as far as I know attending bean feeds (sample) and praising those linked to CAIR and such like that, eh, sure, youbetcha.

So, as I watch this site's traffic plunge even lower than AAR's previous ratings, I know I have to do something.

Introducing F.U. Al Franken Campaign News! This new feature will combine the occasional reports from the campaign trail, with completely made up stories from the "Fantasy Universe (F.U.)" where Stuart Smalley is a valid contender for Senate.

From the real universe, Sen. Norm Coleman is actually doing something good, trying to advance legislation that would prevent cities from acting as sanctuaries for illegal aliens. The 9/11 Commission warned about that, and past terrorists have taken advantage of such policies. Meanwhile, over in FU, Franken has come out for an open border with Mexico.

In real life, Stuart got $248,450 from Hollywood figures (including Stephen Bing, someone linked to at least one very questionable person), and just $194,760 from Minnesotans.

Back in FU, Stuart made a splash earlier this week when he appeared on The View and endorsed Rosie O'Donnell's MIHOP/LIHOP theories, even going as far as blaming the Hapsburg dynasty and their links to the Illuminati, the Trilateral Commission, and those who are 43rd level members of the CFR.

Meanwhile in FU2 (the alternative Fantasy Universe), Al Franken has been promoted to second shift supervisor at the Wakalookouta, Minnesota WalMart.

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Monitoring Air America Radio [TM] so you don't have to.


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