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July 15, 2007

Q: Is covering former Air America hosts covered by our charter?

In a comment on an earlier thread, "MrTed" asks, "why is this site obsessed with people no longer on air america?"

I've thought about that question myself, and I've debated over whether our mandate includes discussing former Air America Radio hosts. And, I'm now here to respond with a resounding, "yes!"

Let me respond to that question with a frank confession: I started this site in a misbegotten attempt to "get to know" one of their former hosts, who I will not name. See, my thinking was that this site would gain reknown as the yang to Air America's yin: that I would become known as the anti-Air America. Eventually - my thinking went - I would be invited onto a panel somewhere in a "face off" with the AAR host I wanted to "get to know", and - despite our differences - we'd "hit it off" and maybe go on to establish a meaningful, long-term relationship.

Almost all celebrities aren't interested in getting involved with someone who's simply a fan; my idea was that I could escape the fan "purgatory" by elevating myself into the pundit class, from which I would be considered a possible relationship choice. You might think it sounds far-fetched, but our fellow VRWC member Brian Maloney has become somewhat of a "radio pundit" due to his reporting on this issue, although as far as I know he's never tried to take advantage of his pundit class membership in order to achieve what I wanted to achieve. Stranger things really have happened and anyway it was worth the little effort I've put into this site.

However, the scales have long since fallen from my eyes, and I now realize I've been wasting my time all these months. I harbor no illusions, as I have now fully realized that Mike Malloy is really, really nuts.

Posted in Blog at July 15, 2007 12:08 PM

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