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August 21, 2007

Janeane Garofalo barefoot pictures?

The failed Air America Radio hostess is experiencing a minor blip due to Janeane Garofalo recently joining the cast of Fox's TV show 24. So, I think this is as good a time as any to issue a bit of a "bleg": does anyone have any pictures of "JFo" bare of foot? (It's for a school project, so it's OK). In an interview with Amy Sedaris she admitted that she "enjoyed" being in that state (link).

But, so far, the only one I've been able to find is this, but it's not a high-quality image and the left edge is missing! I do note however that at the time that was shot she was pleasantly "healthy" looking, quite unlike her recent gaunt phase. But, as you might suspect, there was trouble lurking below the surface: her smile looks a bit forced, although one can never tell.

If anyone has any pictures or videos with scenes along these lines, please leave them in comments.

9/10/07 UPDATE: I just got a search result hit from someone looking for the exact same thing. It's good to know I'm not the only one with this extremely rare affliction. And, I mean extremely rare. Welcome, friend, you are not alone.

8/18/08 UPDATE: First, I'd like to say that all those people who've come to this page over the past year are sick. Sick! Second, I finally found one (from this), and it's as bad as we should have been expecting.

janeane garofalo barefoot

Both you and I disgust me.

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