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September 04, 2007

Air America off on WSMB / WWTQ Memphis

It's becoming an almost daily occurence as stations leave the Air America Radio fold, and the latest is Memphis' WSMB 680 AM (formerly WWTQ). Feel free to show their page to any "liberals" you meet; they'll enjoy the Fox graphic. Meanwhile, their previous page is like a blast from the past, featuring Al Franken and Sam Seder in the top graphic, links to Jerry Springer and Mike Malloy, and even a picture of a billboard they had called "Stone Cold Liberal Talk" featuring Al Franken and Jerry Springer... on Mt. Rushmore. Needless to say, all of those "personalities" have gone on to future endeavors of some kind.

Thankfully, they've gotten the help they need from Rupert Murdoch.

Not enough gloating for you? Then read "liberals" making excuses again and again.

Maybe Air America could finally save itself by bringing back Janeane Garofalo. Just kidding!

STRATERGIZING UPDATE: I want to help, so here's some free advice for Mark Green. He could say something like:

"Previously, when we had almost 90 stations, our message was diluted, much the same as a fine mist being spread across the nation. I'm sure you can picture in your mind what I mean: most of it gets blown away by the wind. Now, imagine - picture this in your mind - our new plan of media concentration. By reducing the number of stations to close to 50 or so, we can more effectively concentrate our liberalism. No longer is our message spread to the winds, it's sharply focused and concentrated on just a few outlets, and thus we're stronger than we've ever been!"

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Monitoring Air America Radio [TM] so you don't have to.


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