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September 06, 2007

Ed Schultz' bar fight for peace

Al Franken (aka "The Chair Man") isn't the only libtalker willing to get physical in support of "liberalism". Big Dumb Drinkin' Ed Schultz was recently involved in some sort of altercation in a bar in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota. Unfortunately, it didn't reach the "broken bear bottles and pool cues" stage. And, it might even have been staged in order to keep his audience thinking that he's one of them:
Nagle [a GOP donor] said Schultz said he doesn't like Lieberman, and then commented that if Nagle felt so strongly about the war, his family should go over and fight in it. The daughter of Nagle's fiancee serves in the Army and may soon go to Iraq. His fiancee's son-in-law has served in Iraq. "It was at that time that Mr. Schultz completely lost control, in my opinion," Nagle said. "He became enraged, and then our interactions became far less civil."
Ed Shultz is (IIRC) the former backup placekicker for the Calgary Stampeders, so he's the last person you want to get uncivil in a bar.

UPDATE: This site interviewed Nagle about the incident. Their summary of the conversation includes this:
# At one point Schultz asked Nagle why he and his family weren't over fighting the war in Iraq, and Nagle responded by pointing out that some of his family was, in fact, in Iraq. Or had been in Iraq. Schultz responded to this by saying that he hates "f***ing right-wing Republicans" and threatening Nagle to the point where the restaurant security began to take notice

# Nagle responded to Schultz's threat by saying he and his group were going to leave, at which point either someone from the hotel/bar or one of Schultz's party (Nagle isn't clear on this) grabbed his arms and pinned them behind him as Schultz approached with a fist cocked as though he was going to throw a punch.

# Before Schultz was able to throw a punch, Nagle's fiancee stepped in and Ed's fist grazed both her and Nagle.

# Nagle's fiancee has bruises from this encounter.
Maybe Big Dumb Ed could be the first AAR personality to broadcast from inside prison.

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