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September 25, 2007

Forbes: Al Franken is #4 pundit in America

For those of you not on the "bleeding edge", September 24 is the new, hipper April 1. It's the day when the mainstream media prints obvious jokes that, on any other day, would cause their readers to question not just their journalistic integrity but their sanity as well.

To kick off this new "holiday", Forbes Magazine has printed the list of their "Top Ten Pundits". As part of the joke, they were selected not for their influence, but for their popularity. And, as a clear indicator that Forbes is not serious, look who made the list:

1. Roger Ebert
2. Bill Maher
3. Bill O'Reilly
4. Al Franken
5. Geraldo Rivera
6. Rosie O'Donnell
7. Leonard Maltin
8. Greta Van Sustern
9. Lou Dobbs
10. Bill Walton

Two braindead movie reviewers and a far-left NBA announcer? Wasn't Bob Costas available?

And, needless to say, the presence of Stuart Smalley - and the absence of people like Rush Limbaugh - further discredits the list. According to them, the soon-to-fail Senate candidate has "Appeal points" of 64 out of 100, and a 47% "Awareness level". (Presumably refering to others' awareness of him, and not his awareness of what's going on in the world.)

Thankfully, yesterday was the New April First.

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