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September 22, 2007

Freaky Janeane Garofalo screeches: Petraeus "dishonest", Bush "war criminal", etc.

Ex-cutie and current tattoo'ed something-or-other Janeane Garofalo screeched her way through an episode of Real Time with Bill Maher yesterday. She calls General Petraeus "dishonest" and said that was part of his job description here. She speaks up for the Palestinians, warns of pro-Israel bias, and says she thinks of herself as a "global citizen" here [see UPDATE]. On this [see UPDATE} clip she says that Bill O'Reilly can "kiss [her] fat ass", adding in others who can do that (but never will): Sean Hannity and Joe Scarborough. Then, on the next tape (there's more!) she pronounces Bush a war criminal ("just like Saddam Hussein").

After the show, she was spotted pushing a shopping cart down Central and looking for cans to buy her "medicine".

But, seriously folks, she really, really, really, really, really needs help. TMZ gives her the only treatment she deserves here; they spotted her walking down Robertson towards the Beverly Center and, rather than subject us to her prattle, sped up the tape and played music over it. In the clip above she burps; in the second clip she talks about sweating.

It's really not funny anymore, it's just very, very sad.

UPDATE: The videos previously linked above (IDs Zkbve0a8qlk and vefioLFxnic) have been removed. However, these videos still remain:


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