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October 18, 2007

Randi Rhodes statement on "mugging"/falling down incident

Speaking on her radio show today, Air America Radio's Randi Rhodes spoke about her supposed mugging. She said she was watching football in an Irish pub and went outside for a smoke. The next thing she knew she was on the ground, having fallen or been pushed into a metal grate. She also said she hadn't eaten all day, and she's been to a series of doctors and dentists to fix her injuries and they've also been unable to determine a medical reason for the incident. She also says she sent a two sentence email to AAR's management telling them that she had been mugged; when right-wingers were blamed for the incident she decided not to speak out because she had doctor's appointments.

Here's an edited recording of the start of her show. Bear in mind that about five minutes of the beginning was edited out for brevity. In the raw version she complains about the "paparazzi" staking out her building, including one who asked if there was a "secret lift" to Rhode's apartment.

10/20/07 UPDATE: Air America's channel has released their own video (link), lamely called "Randi Rhodes is back, talks about what happened to her". It features the full, near 8-minute introduction to her show, accompanied by only one graphic instead of my shorter, more multimedia production which featured four graphics and titles. And, it includes this hilariously defensive video description:

Liberal bloggers are taking a beating for speculating that Randi's injuries were the result of a right-wing attack. And it is wrong to jump to conclusions and point the finger when you don't have all the facts. But isn't it also wrong that right-wing blogs are now speculating that Randi's injuries are the result of too much alcohol? There are any number of scenarios that would explain Randi's fall. So it's odd that the right is attacking the left for jumping to conclusions and then turning around and doing the exact same thing.

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