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December 23, 2007

Ed Schultz: "I am done with the Clintons"

While scanning the Fargo Craigslist ads I noticed that someone calling themselves a "famous local progressive radio host" was looking for someone to start their car for them, and I was reminded of last Tuesday's rant on his show where Ed Schultz said he was "done with the Clintons" due to, among other things, the fact that Hillary won't come on his show. He admitted that his complaints were "self-serving".

Reading the entire transcript is left as an exercise (link), but here's a taste:

Does Hillary Clinton think that I am going to nail her. Does she think that this is some kind of torpedo thing or something. Every time the Bush white house gets in trouble they don’t run, they sprint with a stopwatch to fox news. They can’t get there fast enough. They call their conservative talk show hosts on the air from the white house demanding access. That my friend is infrastructure. If we are going to build the confidence of progressive listeners, independently minded thinking people in this country, who like the fact that there are people out there making decisions on destroying CIA tapes and the protect America act, just to name a few current things that are out there. That maybe it would be good to talk to the folks unedited. This is part of the fight of the culture of media access. And I am down on Biden and I am down on Hillary Clinton and I am not going to hide it. They are not helping Hartman out, they are not helping Rhodes out, they are not helping Stephanie Miller. I called Woody the other day and I asked 'woody when was the last time that Hillary Clinton was on Bill Press show' 'oh about 2 years ago.' Don't tell me behind closed doors that you are really concerned about the sound chamber of America and we are out here battling and battling and battling and we don’t have any access.

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