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December 01, 2007

Flashback: when Janeane Garofalo was cute (last century)

There haven't been too many posts here about the lady at the grocery store, because she hasn't really been doing anything. And, likewise with Janeane Garofalo.

With all the free time on her (JFo's) hands because the 24 TV show is presumably not in production due to the writer's strike, one would think she'd at least try some way to get some sort of attention, perhaps by joining with Code Pink, Rosie O'Donnell, and Dennis Kucinich to push for impeachment, but even they probably realize appearing with her would be bad for their careers.

Anyway, so it's time for a flashback. Younger folks - those under 30 or so - may not realize this, but at one time during the last century Janine was really, really cute. And, I mean that in the "if I had poured honey all over her she wouldn't have been much sweeter but just as long as I could get her not to say anything" sense.

Nowadays, of course, she looks like she just got out from doing a month in Sybil Brand. So, most won't recognize that the person on the following video is indeed her, but I can verify that that is indeed her.

Of course, her personality was somewhat similar then as now, so it helps to mute the sound. And, try to ignore the smoking. But, other than that, she was really, really cute:

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