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January 08, 2008

Mark Green: conservatives are "uneducable"

The brother of the guy who owns Air America Radio, Mark Green, appeared on the PBS show 'Digital Age' and said, among other no doubt wacky things:
"We have to be entertaining and not just grim... [Rush Limbaugh's listeners are like] where a CEO or minister will order their flock to do something and when they're kind of top down authoritarian -- look at Bush.

...You saw how a super-majority of Fox listeners and conservative radio listeners believe there (are) still weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. So they're uneducable.

Air America listeners... are liberal, meaning someone who's open-minded and don't just listen to our hosts."
Are there people more closed-minded than "liberals"? Do I really need to provide examples? How many weeks would I have to spend sitting here typing in examples? I'm sorry, but AAR isn't worth that. But, for just one data point, consider Janeane Garofalo. She's not open-minded in the least: anyone who disagrees with her is, according to her, automatically a bad person.

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