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March 10, 2008

Was Janeane Garofalo ever funny?

OK, we've already answered that Janeane Garofalo is as straight as many types of arrows. Now, let's move on to that other question that many people younger than 35 ask: "she's so vile, bitter, cynical, and just plain depressing nowadays, but was Janine Garroffalo ever funny?"

At that point, I rush to remind our younger visitors that JFo is a professional comedienne/stand up comic/D-movie actress who has been, at certain distinct moments in time, occasionally somewhat funny. As proof, I reviewed all of her past work in D- and E- movies, all of her past standup performances, all of her radio shows, and I came up with the following clip from 1992 as somewhat partial proof. I didn't watch the whole thing, so there's a great possibility that she says something stupid somewhere in there.

While many consider standup to be the lowest form of comedy, some might find it entertaining, but only as long as they understand her topical references. For instance, "Nirvana" was a band that was popular at the time, and "Amy Grant" is a singer of some kind. It's also interesting to note that she presents herself as a "Gen X" comic, when in fact she was born in 1964 and thus might be considered a Baby Boomer. Surprisingly, she also references the possibility of having children.

However, I'm having trouble understanding exactly what she's wearing. The jeans shorts aren't exactly such a good choice, in that they make her look a little dumpy. Frankly, short and a little wide isn't such a bad combination, but some might disagree. But, I don't seem to recall that as being a style, and I'm having trouble finding anyone who dresses like that now, except perhaps for certain people who walk along Santa Monica Blvd. in West Hollywood at 3am.

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