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April 05, 2008

Janeane Garofalo gloms onto Randi Rhodes suspension


Taking a break from getting tattoos and making cameo appearances in D movies, Janeane Garofalo called in to Air America yesterday to speak on the air with her former co-host Sam Seder, who was doing Randi Rhodes' show due to her suspension from the network. A partial transcript is here, and, for those who can stand it, an audio of the event is below.

And, what's even more interesting (not that Janeene isn't completely interesting as it is) is that Air America itself has its own audio of JFo calling in, entitled "Janeane Garofalo sticks up for Randi Rhodes" (link). Not only that, but they have another one: "Stephanie Miller sticks up for Randi Rhodes" (link). On the last link, a commenter says, "what's really pathetic is that the affiliate of air america that is involved, green 960 in SF, is milking this for ratings." While I initially thought the Clintons, or Blackwater thugs, or CACI (just kidding), or shadowy government forces might have been the ones involved in the suspension, perhaps the whole Randi Rhodes thing is just a publicity stunt.

Anywho, returning to the ever-alluring Jeaneane, she called from her alternate universe and stuck up for Rhodes ("Has she not built up enough good credit in the bank of supporting every good Liberal Democratic cause over the years? ...she has the right to do her stand up as she is apt to do") and also blasted AAR ("I was so disenchanted with the corporate ownership of this of this company Air America one after the other bonehead decision after bonehead decision"). In a way she's right: the problem with AAR all along has been that the hosts don't own the means of production.

Then, things take a turn for the even more odd:

Well, maybe they should dump some of those conservative voices that spew their garbage on this network. In the morning, or Cavuto, or the Stockholm Syndrome sufferer Alan Colmes.

Apparently Janine has a "special radio" that causes those non-AAR hosts to appear on the Air America Radio network. While Colmes does appear on New York City's WWRL, every show on that station is "progressive", Colmes is not part of AAR, Neil Cavuto is with Fox, and AAR doesn't have any conservative shows. Blame it on all that tattoo ink.

COMPLETELY VOLUNTARY CONFESSION UPDATE: As it turns out, Janine was not as incorrect as I previously thought. Neil Cavuto does in fact appear on WWRL (link). His minute-long "Money Report" appears every weekday at 5:47pm. I fully understand how JFo could react with rage to a full minute - practically an eternity - of ranting from one of Faux Noise's ReTHUGlican puppets, and I heartily and fully apologize to her for suggesting that she was picking up the station on a "special" antenna when in fact it appears that she was rightthinking about this issue all along.

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