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April 10, 2008

Randi Rhodes quits Air America Radio!

Randi Rhodes has either quit, walked away, or been fired from Air America Radio! (AAR is a "liberal" radio network, and Rhoads has been one of their key hosts throughout their turbulent four year history. The network continues broadcasting on some radio stations throughout the U.S.)

She will supposedly be joining San Francisco's Green 960, formerly known as The Quake (KKGN), on Monday.

Mark Green, president, and Charlie Kireker, Chair, have released the following statement:

Last week Air America suspended Randi Rhodes for abusive, obscene language at a recent public appearance in San Francisco which was sponsored by an Air America affiliate station... Air America Media was informed last night by Ms. Rhodes that she has chosen to terminate her employment with the company... We wish her well and thank her for past services to Air America. We will soon announce exciting new talent and programming that will accelerate Air America's growth in the future.

Their "liberal" listeners are restless on the announcement thread (link) and Rhoades' old site (therandirhodesshow.com) has been redirected to Air America's site. Her site contained forums in addition to archives, and it's a bit surprising that she didn't maintain control over it. The DUmmies are also angered (link), as are the other dummies over at HuffPost (link).

UPDATE: An unnamed source says Rhodes will be moving to NovaM, the Sheldon Drobny network. Not only that, but she'll be broadcast over "all" (probably just some) Clear Channel stations.

AAR is supposedly glad to see their star go (per the HuffPost thread), and I'm sure they're right. After all, they've still got Lionel, and Thom Hartmann, and some other people, and I'm sure they'll make out OK! Meanwhile, it's not like being broadcast nationwide over an actual network like Clear Channel means anything.

TWO GREAT TASTES UPDATE: It's officious! Randi has joined the Nova M gang, with CEO John Manzo saying:

"I just can't stop smiling - Randi is simply the biggest and the best. Randi Rhodes and Mike Malloy under one roof – talk about TALENT!"

NB: In Arizona, tents are called roofs. And, Randi herself says:

With Manzo at helm of Nova M, I am truly going to work for the best of the best. He is radio elite…and I am too . I'm home, I'm home, I'm home!

Her new show will air 3-6pm weekdays. Tonight, April 10 2008, she will also be appearing on Larry King Live. Man the tape delay!

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