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July 23, 2008

Does globalist Al Franken really support a United Nations "army"?

In a questionnaire given by the far-left globalist group Global Solutions (peekURL.com/zw8dzql), Al Franken has revealed himself to be a scary internationalist who'd yield U.S. sovereignty to the United Nations. Not just that, but he's either ignorant or he's come out in support of giving the U.N. a standing army.

Franken was asked:

Will you cosponsor a resolution in Congress supporting the establishment of a U.N. Emergency Peace Service if one is introduced?

He replied:

I would support anything that helps shorten the time it takes for peacekeepers to be deployed.

Now, read this for the background on the UNEPS.

The UNEPS would be a standing force of basically mercenaries 15,000 strong that could be deployed anywhere within 48 hours under the direction of the U.N. Security Council. While that might make some sense in certain cases in certain lawless regions, it could be completely abused and might even result in U.N. troops - yes, U.N. troops - being deployed inside the U.S.

The United Nations is already trying to establish a global tax via proposals such as the Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST). Giving them a standing army would hasten the process towards world government.

I'll be contacting the Al Franken campaign to see whether he was ignorant of the UNEPS or whether he truly supports that plan.

24 HOURS LATER UPDATE: I asked the Franken campaign about this via their online form, someone from their campaign visited this page, and all I got out of it so far is being added to their mailing list. If they don't respond with a statement within another day I'll assume that Franken supports giving the UN a standing army.

36 HOURS LATER UPDATE: Another email later, I'm still waiting to hear back.

6 DAYS LATER UPDATE: Still no answer. After the last update I left a voice mail for Jess McIntosh, Franken's spokeswoman. When she didn't reply I sent an email to media *at* alfranken.com. It's safe to assume that Franken supports the UNEPS, or he would have opposed it by now.

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