February 10, 2009

Mark Green runs for NYC Public Advocate, bails Air America

Another rat has flown the coup: Mark Green, the president of Air America Radio and the brother of their owner, has quit and will now run for Public Advocate of New York City, a job he previously held. See the announcement/political ad here. As he points out, his tenure - like his time at AAR... Keep reading >>>

Posted at 09:30 AM

January 28, 2009

Winner! Mark Green does "kid-glove" interview with Eliot Spitzer

Over the weekend, Mark Green (the brother of the guy who owns Air America), conducted an interview with disgraced former New York governor Eliot Spitzer. The interview wasn't newsworthy. However, what is newsworthy is that the New York Times would call the interview "kid-glove" (link). When even the NYT points out how bad something like... Keep reading >>>

Posted at 11:43 AM

January 08, 2008

Mark Green: conservatives are "uneducable"

The brother of the guy who owns Air America Radio, Mark Green, appeared on the PBS show 'Digital Age' and said, among other no doubt wacky things: "We have to be entertaining and not just grim... [Rush Limbaugh's listeners are like] where a CEO or minister will order their flock to do something and when... Keep reading >>>

Posted at 12:44 PM

July 30, 2007

An Open Plea to Air America Radio

Dear Air America Radio and Mark Green: Please do something. You may not know this, being the brother of the new owner and all, but Air America Radio and this site used to have a symbiotic relationship. Sure, it was a bit lopsided, seeing as AAR had maybe a hundred or so times as many... Keep reading >>>

Posted at 12:34 PM

July 09, 2007

Air America airbrushes 7 Days in America

Throughout their history, "liberals" have loved to airbrush things, whether in the Soviet Union or right here in the U.S. However, the image to Air America's "7 Days in America" involves a slightly different form of their stock technique: Look, I like Arianna, and I not only think she's sexy I've tried to tell her... Keep reading >>>

Posted at 10:52 AM

April 18, 2007

Mark Green: only states, not individuals, can own guns

The brother of the owner of Air America Radio offers "The Emperor Has No Guns": The boilerplate response to the Virginia shootings from pro-gun Republicans is, sorry about the loss but we all still have to recognize the Second Amendment right to own guns. What right? The only authoritative voice on this is the United... Keep reading >>>

Posted at 03:32 PM

March 15, 2007

President Mark Green email includes Al Franken begging for dollars

Welcome to the new Mark Green category, a special place to hold the entries related to the thoughts of President Mark, the brother of the guy who actually owns Air America (version 2.0a). An email I just received from him offers "[c]ongratulations", and says "[i]t's been a great first week", with the news that "[c]overage... Keep reading >>>

Posted at 11:47 PM

Monitoring Air America Radio [TM] so you don't have to.


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