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May 31, 2004


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"Office Politics Give Liberal Radio a Rocky Start"

Under the banner of It's-Not-News-Until-the-NYT-Says-It-Is, comes the report 'Office Politics Give Liberal Radio a Rocky Start'. It says in part: In a sign that the privately held company's financial woes have not fully abated, Al Franken, the network's best-known star, said in an interview last week that he had agreed not to draw a salary,... Keep reading >>>

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A blogger listens to Air America

Blogger "Mindles H. Dreck" discusses an AA discussion of a book about the defense department exercising editorial control over movies. Janeane suggests a class action lawsuit against movie makers or some such.... Keep reading >>>

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May 24, 2004

"Air America woes worry advertisers; Business issues, not politics, hamper startup"

Advertising Age has a roundup of Air America's problems locating advertisers, and it includes this funny bit: General Motors Corp. might provide a clue. Spots for the company were running on Air America in the New York market, unbeknownst to GM, said Ryndee Carney, manager-marketing communications. According to Ms. Carney, the company had bought time... Keep reading >>>

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May 21, 2004

Randi cries wolf?

Is Randi leaving Air America, or, as the eighth comment here says, was it all just a jolly jape? I guess we'll have to wait for Tuesday to find out. As pointed out at the first link, AA's ratings in NYC aren't that good: they're at #24. Their current ratings are barely above when the... Keep reading >>>

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May 19, 2004

What's the difference between Harry Shearer and Stuart Smalley?

From this Harry Shearer interview: I ask, "What's the difference between you and Al Franken?" "Al is, of course, literally a Democratic court jester. He clearly wears his endorsements where his wit should be. I'm a satirist. My job is to make fun of all of them. People who supposedly practice the art of satire... Keep reading >>>

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Air America: Almost had Colorado outlet; concept called "interesting"

From this radio busines report: Colorado almost had a radio outlet for Air America, the struggling politically liberal network. And it was almost in Colorado Springs, not exactly a hotbed of liberalism. KBCZ-AM (1300), part of a five-station cluster owned by Citadel Broadcasting, signed on for the network but then backed away when Air America... Keep reading >>>

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May 14, 2004

"A bumpy takeoff for Air America liberal radio network"

Reading this article almost makes me want to move to New York and get a job at Air America. Any job will do, I just want to help them build the society of tomorrow. I may have more to say about my "fantasy" of moving to New York later, but for now, let's all read... Keep reading >>>

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[Chicagoland] couple may acquire Air America

From the Chicago Tribune: The Highland Park couple that founded the precursor to Air America Radio before selling most of it to a group of investors are in negotiations to gain control of the troubled liberal talk network, sources said Thursday. Sources familiar with the negotiations said Sheldon and Anita Drobny want to buy--with the... Keep reading >>>

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Petro Truck Stops to acquire Air America

From the AP: BLOOMINGTON-NORMAL, ILLINOIS (AP) -- In a surprise announcement, Petro Truck Stops announced its intent to acquire the troubled radio network. Petro - which operates over 2000 truck stops across the U.S. - will continue the format as-is. Any areas that are currently not covered by AM radio will be covered using Citizen's... Keep reading >>>

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May 13, 2004

Air America to consolidate, regroup, switch to broadcasting over CB radio

OK, the last one I made up. In addition to closing their L.A. sales office, they've also closed the one in Chitown: Air America has shut its sales offices in Los Angeles and Chicago and is recasting its business plan, the network's president said on Wednesday as troubles beset the liberal talk show network... Since... Keep reading >>>

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May 12, 2004

"Liberal radio is airing bad jokes and worst taste"

From this: The United States "is on the slippery slope to theocratic fascism." "The Catholic Church has been secretly encouraging oral sex for years." Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld "ought to be tortured." President Bush should be taken out and shot. Those are a few nutso nuggets from the hosts of Air America Radio, which calls... Keep reading >>>

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Air America closes Los Angeles office

Details here. They don't have a station in the #2 market in the U.S., so why bother paying for office space? It makes sense!... Keep reading >>>

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May 07, 2004

EXCLUSIVE: Air America Paycheck Discovered

Our sources have surreptitiously xeroxed Al Franken's payroll check.... Keep reading >>>

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May 06, 2004

Air America "on the air to stay"

The future is looking bright for Air America, and it's on the air to stay. That's despite minor bumps in the road like today's announcement that "co-founder and chairman Evan Cohen resigned Thursday, as did vice-chairman and investor Rex Sorensen." It's just a bump in the road to a glorious future. (Via Brother Matt)... Keep reading >>>

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May 04, 2004

"Franken asks a Clinton for advice on Senate run"

AP reports on America's Favorite Funnyman: As Al Franken considers challenging Sen. Norm Coleman, R-Minn., for re-election in 2008, the comedian and liberal radio host is looking to his hometown senator for advice: Hillary Rodham Clinton. "I asked Hillary, 'Can you give me some suggestions about running for Senate in a state you haven't lived... Keep reading >>>

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May 02, 2004

Mark Walsh's strident swan song

Former CEO of AA Mark Walsh appeared on C-SPAN a few weeks ago. So far all I've been able to find is this page and the raw video. The page just contains a few pics and a short description. I guess C-SPAN doesn't do transcripts.... Keep reading >>>

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Senator Smalley? That's a joke, right?

From 'It's No Joke! Franken Eyes Senate Run': Comedian and liberal talk show host Al Franken puts the odds of a 2008 bid for the U.S. Senate at better than even... Although he's not a candidate yet, Franken is already taking shots at [Republican Sen. Norm Coleman of Minnesota], calling him a "shill" for the... Keep reading >>>

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Monitoring Air America Radio [TM] so you don't have to.


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