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June 29, 2005

Does Janeane Garofalo support the Iraqi resistance?

This is pretty shocking, but as there's no transcript available, I don't at this point know whether G-Lo has gone over to the enemy side or not. In any case, Anthony Lappe, Executive Editor of the Guerrilla News Network reports: I just got off the air on my friend Terrance McNally's excellent show on KPFK... Keep reading >>>

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Did Janeane Garofalo have a facelift?

If River Selkie swears to it, it must be true. Over to this 29-year-old desert dweller who I've never heard of before: by the way, i swear that janeane has had a face-lift. did anyone else see 'nadine in dateland' on the oxygen channel? she looks so different. she WAS so different. the movie wasn't... Keep reading >>>

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June 28, 2005

Al Franken gives a big thumbs up to the world

The above picture is Al Franken after receiving the World Achievement Award For Breakthrough Radio from the New York Festival. Details here, which says, "Franken reportedly received a huge response from the international audience." As you can see above, Al returned the favor by giving the world a gesture that most non-Americans will interpret... Keep reading >>>

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Gift baskets for the poor

Today's Al Franken Show was a repeat, but it was interesting nonetheless. One of their guests was Cork's Maggie O'Leary, who's started a site called gift-baskets-for-the-poor-of-the-world.com. She appeared on the show together with socialite and socialist publisher Bettina von der Hoovel to promote her plan. Maggie discussed how much of the poverty in the world... Keep reading >>>

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June 27, 2005

Al Franken gets a big wet one from Al Guardian

Al-Guardian offers us "The truth about lies", all about Al Franken and Air America. It's a pretty standard fawning piece, quite similar to all the other fawning pieces that have appeared in U.S. papers. It mentions Franken wins "World Achievement Award for Breakthrough Radio", AAR's opposition to the Fairness Doctrine being revoked, his outsourcing of... Keep reading >>>

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June 26, 2005

WJMP Akron dumps Air America Radio?

Just two months ago, WJMP 1520 AM in Akron/Kent Ohio became an Air America affiliate. On July 5th, they'll be dumping AAR and going to the Jim Rome/Fox Sports format. Hey, just because it's 1000 Watt and daytime only doesn't mean they're dumb. There's no official confirmation, and I can't find a site for WJMP... Keep reading >>>

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June 24, 2005

Franken not liberal enough for Tom Hayden

The very fact that Tom Hayden has a political career is an embarassement to this nation, but I digress. The kind, Eurotrashy folks over at The Huffington Post have given him a soapbox, and he uses it to offer us "Al Franken, liberal hawk?" Is anyone else disappointed with Al Franken's daily defense of the... Keep reading >>>

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Nadine in Date Land with Janeane Garofalo showing on Oxygen

America's cute-but-troubled sweetheart is in a new movie. No, it's not one of those things you see in theaters, in this case it's on the Oxygen Network. It certainly sounds like a wacky work of art: LOS ANGELES, January 11, 2005 - What you can't do, teach! Enter Nadine - a 30-something, down-on-her-luck matchmaker who... Keep reading >>>

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June 23, 2005

Air America Philly ratings: WHAT happened?

WHAT 1340 AM is Air America Radio's outlet in Philadelphia. This says they only broadcast Al Franken and Randi Rhodes, but I don't know if that's up to date. Philly is not as "liberal" a city as NYC, but it's certainly quite liberal, so one might expect local lefties to tune in in droves. However,... Keep reading >>>

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June 22, 2005

O'Reilly: incarcerate the clowns at Air America Radio

Media Matters alerts us (Soros-funded) to this alleged transcript of Bill O'Reilly's June 20th radio show: O'REILLY: And when he [Durbin] went out there, his intent was to whip up the American public against the Bush detainee policy. That's what his intent was. His intent wasn't to undermine the war effort, because he never even... Keep reading >>>

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June 21, 2005

Janeane Garofalo poker sitcom not picked up

In sad but essentially meaningless news, Janeane Garofalo's sitcom about professional poker player Annie Duke was not picked up, the North Jersey Media Group eventually reports. This previous post says that it had been picked up, but that statement might have been inserted by a Rovian disruptor. In other completely non-essential news, the AP's "Six... Keep reading >>>

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Bisexual crab named after Jerry Springer

Watermen in the Chesapeake Bay recently caught a very rare crab that's part male, part female. They decided to name it after Jerry Springer. The cover story is provided by the WaPo: The watermen thought it was strange enough to be on "The Jerry Springer Show." Uh huh. Say, did you know that Springer (a... Keep reading >>>

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June 18, 2005

AAR Phoenix 1010 KXXT: Randi, religion, and more

Randi Rhodes recently visited the Air America Radio outlet in Phoenix, 1010 AM KXXT. Oddly enough, I have not yet been able to find pictures, reports, gossip, or scandalous assertations concerning her visit. An email she sent to her fans describes her arrival in America's Kiln. We do, however, have a report from the Arizona... Keep reading >>>

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June 16, 2005

Stephanie Miller (KTLK AM 1150) goes to Asheville

Stephanie Miller - heard on some of the same stations as Air America Radio - visited Asheville, NC last week. A blurb announcing the visit is here. I visited Asheville nigh on two years ago: "A Lonewacko in the Land of the Goddesses". It's not such a bad little town, but after about 36 hours... Keep reading >>>

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Stuart Saves the Senate

David Carr of the New York Times boards a plane to Minnesota and gives Al Franken and Air America some long-overdue MSM attention ("Comedian for Senator? Don't Laugh"). Don't worry, Dave, I'm not. This is indeed a welcome change from their usual corporate coverage. It's been, what, 12 hours since the last report on... Keep reading >>>

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June 15, 2005

Stuart Smalley, Talkers Magazine, Part 2

The reviews of Al Franken's appearance at the Talkers Magazine awards show continue to roll in. Les Kinsolving offers "The Frankenstinian filibuster". He describes Stuart's speech as "one of the most inexcusable displays of tasteless ingratitude in U.S. talk-radio history." And, the loony libs at News Hound offer "Bill O'Reilly Attacks Al Franken and... Keep reading >>>

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June 14, 2005

Stephanie Miller: as salty as a sailor

Howie Kurtz gave Stephanie Miller (heard locally on KTLK 1150 AM) over a page in his WaPo column: ...As recently as 2000, Miller hosted a popular show on L.A.'s KABC but had trouble getting syndicated, and then, she says, "I was fired for being too liberal." (She also says the station didn't like the "racy... Keep reading >>>

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June 13, 2005

Franken wins "World Achievement Award for Breakthrough Radio"

It doesn't appear to be a scam like those Who's Who books that you need to spend money to get printed in, but I get the feeling the New York Festival awards aren't exactly something Franken is going to put at the top of his bio. From their press release: The special award will be... Keep reading >>>

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Big Ed is not a VRWC plant

Four days ago we posted "Former Clear Channel CEO buys Schultz show", and the news is finally filtering down to other sites, including DUmmieville. In fact, they've really gone off the deep end with their latest anti-Schultz screed "Is Ed Shultz a plant/spy/sabateur?" That thread appears to have been initiated by the Raw Story article... Keep reading >>>

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Maddow to hold own on Tucker Carlson MSNBC show

As previously reported, Rachel Maddow of Air America Radio will be a regular guest on Tucker Carlson's new MSNBC show "The Situation". This just in: Tucker has just stated: ...she's not a fake liberal. She's not a straw man. She's real. She's not there as a punching bag for me. She does more than hold... Keep reading >>>

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June 12, 2005

Talkers Magazine to Al Franken: get off the stage!

On Friday, Al Franken of Air America Radio appeared at a Talkers Magazine event where he received the Freedom of Speech Award. Now, #17 is informing us that the N.Y. Post (O. of P. #4) will be reporting on Monday that Al went a little over his limit. During his acceptance speech, Franken reportedly spent... Keep reading >>>

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June 11, 2005

Scariest Jerry Springer picture ever

If you look at this picture of Jerry Springer, you may in fact be scarred for life. Don't say I didn't warn you.... Keep reading >>>

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Has anyone heard of Rachel Maddow?

From Alternet comes "An Air American Girl", a profile of Tucker Carlson's new foil and host of Air America's 5am show, Rachel Maddow. A taste: ...Then, Maddow turns to her analysis... She's set it up. First she laid out the airline pension defaults, then she moved to the Republicans aims on Capital Hill. Now, she... Keep reading >>>

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No one cares about Marc Maron

I predict of all the things I've linked to from here, this report of a live Morning Sedition broadcast will receive the lowest number of hits. The blogger in question got to ask a puffball question of Manhattan Borough President C. Virginia Fields, who is also running for Mayor. And, we learn this important news:... Keep reading >>>

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June 10, 2005

More free press for Randi Rhodes, Air America

The Stranger, Seattle's free weekly, offers a rather blah article about Randi Rhodes and Air America in "Sound and Fury". The author's a big fan of Randi, but the article isn't exactly ground-breaking in its insights. The discussion of the article here offers a bit more.... Keep reading >>>

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Who advertises on Air America Radio?

A listener compiled a list from WLIB here: ...Mobil 1 extended performance automobile oil; webconferencing with GoToMeeting... Phaser2 police radar disabler... Amdro ant blocker keeps ants out; Doctor's Nightguard helps you stop grinding your teeth; Fancy Feast gourmet cat food; [for the cat ladies --LW]... DemocraticMatch.com dating service...... Keep reading >>>

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Rachel Maddow: regular on Tucker Carlson MSNBC show

BREAKING: The TV show 'The Situation with Tucker Carlson' launches on MSNBC on Monday. This just in: Rachel Maddow of Air America Radio will be a regular commentator on the show. This is truly exciting news for the struggling network as one of their crew of unknowns and nobodies has finally made the big time.... Keep reading >>>

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June 09, 2005

Former Clear Channel CEO buys Schultz show

Yesterday Democracy Radio sold "The Ed Schultz Show" to Randy Michaels, the former CEO of... Clear Channel Radio. DR says they're meant as an "incubator", and apparently Big Ed is now a fledgling. Details in "Michaels buys liberal radio talk show". Apparently it was Michaels that brought Rush Limbaugh to Clear Channel lo those many... Keep reading >>>

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June 08, 2005

Mike Malloy gets introspective, mellow

Air America Radio's wackiest host, Mike Malloy, presented an award at some show or other in Atlanta tonight. The first hour of his show was a rebroadcast, but he came back live during the second hour. He described how he was listening to the rebroadcast of his show while driving in from the awards. Paraphrasing... Keep reading >>>

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Surreality Bites: Janeane Garofalo and 9/11

The site total911.info alerts us to this unconfirmed post from a Yahoo group: For several weeks now, Janeane hasn't let a show go by without some criticism of the official 9/11 story. And she keeps getting more & more critical of it. She's discussed the CIA insider trading/Airline put options, she's discussed NORAD being ordered... Keep reading >>>

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David Brock on Al Franken Show open thread

David Brock of the Soros-funded Media Matters will be on the Franken show on Air America today at 2pm Eastern. That's 11am Pacific and rW2 in Alternate Universe #91. Consider this an open thread for that appearance or any other issue.... Keep reading >>>

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June 07, 2005

Reclusive millionaire behind WCPT AM 850 (Air America Chicago)

A reclusive Chicago millionaire, Fred Eychaner, is the owner of Air America's "Chicago" outlet, WCPT AM 850. (It's actually 50 miles outside Chitown, but what the hey). The Tribune has a profile here. Unlike other reclusive millionaires, he apparently doesn't save his urine in jars. However, he is described as extremely frugal, including driving a... Keep reading >>>

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Al Franken returns to cable's Fern Channel

The Sundance Network - apparently a "liberal" cable network for those who derive inspiration from polluting Montana, Wyoming, and Colorado with their presence or wishing that they could - is narrowcasting The Al Franken Show tonight. There will be a new episode each night this month. Apparently the episodes are shot a day ahead during... Keep reading >>>

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June 06, 2005

Eric Hogue: Christine Kraft better than Al Franken

Hogue is a host on Sacramento's KTKZ. He describes: I was just contacted by a writer by the name of Sasher Abramson; he is writing a 'special feature' on Christine Kraft and Air America for the Sacramento News and Review... ...He obviously had no idea who I was, and was writing a glowing 'puff piece'... Keep reading >>>

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Al Franken for Senate: would he be worse than Norm Coleman?

Earlier I posted "Endorsement: Al Franken for Senator". That post was a joke. However, I recently noticed a year-old press release from Norm Coleman, and based on that I might actually consider supporting Stuart Al if he decides to run and make that an issue. For the details, see "Would Al Franken be any worse... Keep reading >>>

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Is Randi Rhodes "the Rush Limbaugh of the Lieberman set"?

Shockingly, that's what Chris Clarke said back in January: In the last week, I've heard her: 1) shout down and interrupt and talk over people who call in if she thinks they're disagreeing with her (even if they're not); 2) slam illegal immigrants for depressing wages for "real Americans," ...This person is no progressive. She's... Keep reading >>>

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Discovering the Air America network

All this time I've been linking to discoverthenetwork.com and I never knew they had a page all about Air America Radio. That page is out of date, but it includes some interesting things I didn't know, such as it being Lizz Winstead's idea to install training wheels on each show in the form of a... Keep reading >>>

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June 03, 2005

Al Franken ratings beating Caribbean Chat on WLIB

National Review recently published "The Drudgery Report", which falsely claimed that Air America was getting lower ratings during the Al Franken Show on NYC's WLIB than they had gotten back when that station broadcast Caribbean music and news. Thankfully for truthseekers everywhere, Jaime Horn of Air America Radio was able to get a correction of... Keep reading >>>

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Jerry Springer radio career questioned

If you go to Springer on the Radio you'll see the sitemeter icon, which looks somewhat like the icon at the end of the right navigation bar here. Clicking that, you'll see that Springer is currently getting an average of just 1004 visits per day to that site. Bear in mind that sitemeter appears to... Keep reading >>>

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Political acumen of Janeane Garofalo criticized

Incredibly long-winded and pompous screenwriter Thomas McKelvey Cleaver (credits) apparently knew America's cute-but-troubled sweetheart back in the day, and he offers the following advice which I'm happy to pass along: ...Unfortunately, the same thing cannot be said about "The Majority Report." Janeane and Sam might be "knowledgeable amateurs", but the emphasis has to be on... Keep reading >>>

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June 01, 2005

Al Franken and "liberal" racism

I didn't hear this myself, but according to this site the following is a "joke" from Stuart ("IGEADISE") and sidekick Katherine Lanpher ("KL"). I've put this in double-paraphrased script form: KL: "Bob Woodward says that some guy might be a dark horse in the race for president in 2008." IGEADISE: "JC Watts?" KL: "No, guess... Keep reading >>>

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Monitoring Air America Radio [TM] so you don't have to.


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