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January 31, 2007

Al Franken for Senate!

Al Franken is reportedly telling "Democratic members of Congress and prominent DFLers" that he's definitely running for Senate from Minnesota. That will presumably be against Norm Coleman: The Star Tribune confirmed today that Franken made calls to at least two members of the Minnesota congressional delegation in Washington to break the news. The sources spoke... Keep reading >>>

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So, aren't you creeped out or something?

As regular readers may have noticed, the center background is currently an endlessly repeated picture of Al Franken. In part this is an homage to the Bush fan site "pardonmyenglish.com", which at one time had a huge picture of America's best-ever president as its background graphic. And, in part, this is a sacrifice I'm making... Keep reading >>>

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January 30, 2007

Sheldon Drobny v. Rob Glaser: AAR can't be rescued

Air America co-founder Sheldon Drobny continues his tirades against AAR's management with this reaction to the news that AAR has finally found a buyer. Unfortunately, it's less loony than previous Shelly outings, but it makes up for it with his snipes against Rob Glaser and the rest of the Air America board. He also questions... Keep reading >>>

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January 29, 2007

Air America bought by Stephen Green?

The latest twist and turn in the Air America saga is that they're going to be bought out and taken out of bankruptcy not by the French family (thank you Drudge and WSJ, no really, thank you), but by New York real estate baron Stephen L. Green. He's the brother of long-time NYC politico Mark... Keep reading >>>

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Al Franken leaves Air America Radio

Air America has announced that Al Franken will be leaving the network on February 14, Valentine's Day. Thom Hartmann will be taking over his show, leaving Randi Rhodes as the only remaining semi-demi-celebrity on the entire network. While at first this might appear to be a wonderful gift to the nation, in fact it's a... Keep reading >>>

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January 23, 2007

Ed Schultz {hearts} Barack Hussein Obama

RawStory can exclusively report that Ed Schultz has dissed Hillary Clinton... and gone on to an hours-long meeting with Barack Obama! It isn't known which weighty topics the Senator - whose middle name is the same as the last name of former Iraq dictator and sociopathic maniac Saddam Hussein - discussed with the porcine... Keep reading >>>

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January 21, 2007

Air America bailed out by French family of Westchester...

Breaking hard... Developing... Must credit Bore America... UPDATING: This breaking story - first announced here - is burning up the wires, as new details emerge... French family owns New York TV station WRNN... consortium involved, will buy Piquant LLC, owners of Air America... if deal collapses, AAR might be forced into immediate liquidation... But: If... Keep reading >>>

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January 17, 2007

"Franken Considering Running" articles to soon end

Miraculous news from the Associated Press! It seems that in just a few short weeks Al Franken will finally decide whether he's running for Senator from Cowlandia, aka Minnesota. This will finally put an end to the endless string of completely-unbiased articles which coyly speculate whether Franken will run or not. Sometimes they even quote... Keep reading >>>

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January 16, 2007

"Media Reform", Dennis Kucinich and the Fairness Doctrine

The National Conference for Media Reform was held last weekend in Memphis and as previously discussed featured a constellation of stars from the far left side of the sky. Even Air America broadcast live from the event. A surprise attendee was Dennis Kucinich, who announced that he's focusing his efforts on the FCC and an... Keep reading >>>

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January 11, 2007

Bright spot: gospel doing worse than Air America!

Raise a glass of organic champagne and celebrate, because: ...the gospel format at WLIB (1190 AM)... is down from the previous Air America format. Trivia question: is this the first piece of good news Air America has ever had?... Keep reading >>>

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January 10, 2007

NonStopRadio.com needs your help to keep progressive radio growing!

This site has recently learned of another site called www.nonstopradio.com, and we fully support their efforts to keep progressive radio - including Air America - on the air in "endangered" markets. All you need to do is go there and sign up by giving them your name and email address. Don't worry! They are all... Keep reading >>>

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January 08, 2007

Media Reform Conference in Memphis Jan 13 and 14

Bill Moyers and a veritable constellation of lefties will be conducting their annual cry-in/whine-o-fest/Media Reform Conference in Memphis this weekend. Their full schedule is here, and here's a map of the conference center. This site has a list of the speakers. In addition to two current and one former FCC commissioners, here are a few... Keep reading >>>

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Even Workin' It leaves Air America Radio

The latest 'Rat to leave the sinking Air America Radio ship is Jackie Guerra, whose "Workin' It" show has left that network and is now part of the Jones Radio Network. As such, it will appear on about 46 stations.... Keep reading >>>

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January 05, 2007

WTPG/WYTS protest to be held

On Monday, a group of ardent Air America Radio fans will protest Clear Channel's decision to remove AAR programming from Columbus, Ohio's WTPG (AM 1230). That station has since switched its call letters to WYTS and on the same day as the march it will begin offering sports, consumer shows, Laura Ingraham, and... Michael Savage.... Keep reading >>>

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January 02, 2007

Judge: Defamation suit against bankrupt Air America can proceed

The "government contractor" CACI - which is involved in some way in U.S. prisons in Iraq - has been cleared to proceed with their defamation suit against Air America and Randi Rhodes over statements she made on her show: The suit stemmed from comments Rhodes made Aug. 25-26, 2005 on her radio show. According to... Keep reading >>>

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Monitoring Air America Radio [TM] so you don't have to.


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