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October 30, 2008

Norm Coleman sues Al Franken over lies !

From this: Sen. Norm Coleman's campaign, charging that recent Al Franken TV and radio ads contain lies about Coleman, is suing Franken's campaign for violating state campaign law. Mark Drake, a Coleman spokesman, said this morning at a State Capitol news conference that statements that Coleman has been named "the fourth most corrupt senator in... Keep reading >>>

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October 28, 2008

Minnesota: who is Al Franken ?

Minnesota: do you know the real Al Franken? Per the following NRSC video: Al Franken [is] "the sort of knee-jerk partisan that both parties should avoid." He lashes out at those who disagree. Franken humiliates minorities, demeans women, writes pornography, makes child abuse a joke and laughs at the disabled. Democrats find Franken's behavior "appalling"... Keep reading >>>

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October 25, 2008

Norm Coleman endorsed... by Minneapolis Star Tribune !

Via this we learn that the Sunday, October 26 2008 Minneapolis Star Tribune - a paper slightly reminiscent of Pravda in its glory days - has decided that Al Franken is too much of a risk and is endorsing incumbent Senator Norm Coleman instead! Here's what they say: Independent judgment, excercised on behalf of the... Keep reading >>>

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October 22, 2008

Did Al Franken vandalize Norm Coleman's garage?

That's the question on Minnesotan's minds this morning, as last night someone spray painted various messages on Norm Coleman's garage, such as "u r a criminal resign or else". As someone who's been following the career of the former alleged comic for years, I can attest that that sounds like something Franken would write. Has... Keep reading >>>

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October 17, 2008

Angry Ed Schultz storms off Fox & Friends !

Ripping a page from angry leftie Al Franken, Ed Schultz stormed off the set of today's Fox & Friends television show. Question: what was he doing there in the first place? Liberals should not go on that ReTHUGlican propaganda outlet that just spreads lies and smears. Thankfully, once Obama becomes president he's going to pass... Keep reading >>>

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October 16, 2008

Angry Al Franken gets in Norm Coleman face at debate!

Former alleged comic Al Franken - aka Mr. Minnesota Mean - got into Senator Norm Coleman's face after tonight's debate, sources say. My sources said that Franken was very upset and was speaking with a raised voice. Mrs. Franken reportedly ran on stage to get Franken away from Coleman. Video!... Keep reading >>>

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