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December 21, 2009

White House "controls" Joe Scarborough? Tell me another one!

I've been a fan of the "Radio Equalizer" for some time, but I think after his latest "scoop" he needs to take a "radio tranquilizer" or something! He offers this Drudge-linked article in which he implies that Joe Scarborough and his morning zoo team at MSNBC are part of the so-called "state-controlled media", based on the lunatic ramblings of "Crazy Ed" Schultz:

So [Mika Brzezinski] starts looking at her Blackberry [live on the air] and so does Scarborough and obviously the White House is texting them or emailing them or whatever and they didn't like the show. Because Arianna had been on there, I'm on there, Howard Dean had been on there and they wanted some balance... Now think about that - here's the White House getting in contact with 'Morning Joe' because they're afraid there's too many lefties on the air! Now if that's not sensitivity at its highest level, I don't know what is! I told ya a few days ago they had rabbit ears! They don't like anything that's being said right now, they're getting beat up!

There's absolutely nothing wrong with that! Just accepting feedback from the White House doesn't mean that they're colluding with them or under their control or anything. In order to determine whether that's true, you have to look at their actions, and it's not like Scarborough then did everything that the Obama administration wants or something. Free will and impartial, unbiased coverage is still the tune they sing at MSNBC! There is absolutely nothing wrong about accepting input from administration figures. In fact, the administration has been in contact with this site and has offered some highly useful tips on improving our coverage. That doesn't mean we're controlled by them or anything.

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