January 24, 2010

Ed Schultz Fights The Power, tells Robert Gibbs he's full of it

Big Dumb Ed Schultz has a career in professional wrestling, specifically the part where they pretend to fight. He said the following at an event yesterday: I told [White House spokesman Robert Gibbs] he was full of sh*t is what I told him... And then he gave me the Dick Cheney f-bomb... I told Robert... Keep reading >>>

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January 16, 2010

"Senator" Ed Schultz: "I'd try to vote 10 times [for Coakley]... I'd cheat to keep these bastards out."

On yesterday's Ed Schultz show, he said the following about the upcoming election in Massachusetts between Scott Brown and Martha Coakley (audio here): I tell you what, if I lived in Massachusetts I'd try to vote 10 times. I don't know if they'd let me or not, but I'd try to. Yeah, that's right. I'd... Keep reading >>>

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January 06, 2010

Senator Ed Schultz? Dems push him as Byron Dorgan replacement for North Dakota

On Tuesday, Senator Byron Dorgan of North Dakota announced he won't be seeking reelection. Now comes word that MSNBC host Big Dumb Ed Schultz is considering a run for his seat (link): [He] told the Huffington Post that "there is a lot to think about" after he was approached by Democratic leaders in the state... Keep reading >>>

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September 25, 2009

Ed Schultz goes insane on air, MSNBC security commits him

Earlier yesterday or the day before or some time like that, MSNBC host and "progressive" icon Ed Schultz melted down on his show and accused the Republicans of lying. Not only that, but he said that they "want to see you dead". MSNBC security immediately rushed in and had him committed for his own safety.... Keep reading >>>

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April 01, 2009

Ed Schultz is new MSNBC host ("The Ed Show")

This is not an April Fools joke: Big Dumb Allegedly-At-Least-In-One-Case Drunken Ed Schultz is joining MSNBC and will be hosting a show at 6pm. David Shuster will be moving to an earlier time slot. Ratings magic is expected to ensue. Whether he'll continue with his radio career is not clear. This was announced on tonight's... Keep reading >>>

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October 17, 2008

Angry Ed Schultz storms off Fox & Friends !

Ripping a page from angry leftie Al Franken, Ed Schultz stormed off the set of today's Fox & Friends television show. Question: what was he doing there in the first place? Liberals should not go on that ReTHUGlican propaganda outlet that just spreads lies and smears. Thankfully, once Obama becomes president he's going to pass... Keep reading >>>

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February 02, 2008

Ed Schultz off KTLK Los Angeles?

Via a comment from ncw (#281), Ed Schultz might be off on KTLK 1150 AM, "progressive" talk for Los Angeles. However, he's still shown in their schedule at post time (ktlkam1150.com/pages/On_Air_Hosts.html), and I didn't see anything about this at his forums (bigdumbfatdrunkenslobedschultzradio.info). #s 82, 328, and 7229 should stand by for treats, should this prove... Keep reading >>>

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December 23, 2007

Ed Schultz: "I am done with the Clintons"

While scanning the Fargo Craigslist ads I noticed that someone calling themselves a "famous local progressive radio host" was looking for someone to start their car for them, and I was reminded of last Tuesday's rant on his show where Ed Schultz said he was "done with the Clintons" due to, among other things, the... Keep reading >>>

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October 05, 2007

Ed Schultz: as many listeners as Jim Bohannon

When he isn't promising to lick any man in the joint, Ed Schultz has a radio program. And, unlike Air America Radio's audience which largely consists of cows outside Karnes, Texas, apparently somewhere around 3.25 million listeners on a weekly, cumulative basis tune in the Shultz show, sources say. That ties him with Jim Bohannon... Keep reading >>>

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September 06, 2007

Ed Schultz' bar fight for peace

Al Franken (aka "The Chair Man") isn't the only libtalker willing to get physical in support of "liberalism". Big Dumb Drinkin' Ed Schultz was recently involved in some sort of altercation in a bar in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota. Unfortunately, it didn't reach the "broken bear bottles and pool cues" stage. And, it might even have... Keep reading >>>

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August 02, 2007

Ed Schultz: Minnesota bridge fell because of Bush

According to this, Big Dumb Ed Schultz (paraphrasing) said the following today regarding the section of I-35 that collapsed yesterday in Minneapolis: ...the only reason Bush is talking about fatalities is because he didn't give MN enough money to maintain the bridge. At the time that it fell, they were... maintaining the bridge. And, let's... Keep reading >>>

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August 01, 2007

Paranoid John Edwards lies re: silencing Ed Schultz

Consider these irresponsible comments from John Edwards (aka "Silky Pony", "The Breck Girl") on the Big Dumb Ed Schultz show: "We have to fight back against these people. We can't let them do this kind of stuff to us. And they're always going to be very powerful forces that don't want us to hear my... Keep reading >>>

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February 14, 2007

Ed Schultz Standoff Day 2: "Air America sucks!"

Yesterday, "Big Dumb" Ed Schultz barricaded himself inside his studios in Fargo, North Dakota and launched into an extended, multi-hour rant against Air America. You can hear a four-minute version - with "Baby Elephant Walk" disturbingly added - in this MP3. You can hear the whole thing here. You can read more about this here... Keep reading >>>

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February 12, 2007

Big Dumb Ed Schultz back on XM 167

Next week, crypto-conservative Ed Schultz will be taking over Al Franken's spot on XM Satellite Radio's channel 167, DUmmies say. Schultz is currently only heard for one hour per day, and even that's tape-delayed. Bonus: keep wallowing through the thread to read the righteous smackdown of those bourgeoise people who engage in "middle-class left liberalism".... Keep reading >>>

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January 23, 2007

Ed Schultz {hearts} Barack Hussein Obama

RawStory can exclusively report that Ed Schultz has dissed Hillary Clinton... and gone on to an hours-long meeting with Barack Obama! It isn't known which weighty topics the Senator - whose middle name is the same as the last name of former Iraq dictator and sociopathic maniac Saddam Hussein - discussed with the porcine... Keep reading >>>

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November 30, 2006

Ed Schultz moves to noon; to take "1 or 2 million Rush listeners"

The 'nets have been abuzz and a-twitter with the quite-possibly-true news from RawStory that Ed Schultz is moving from his current afternoon slot to the 12 noon to 3pm time slot. That puts him head-to-head against both Al Franken and Rush Limbaugh. Curious for the backstory, I first called Judd Legum of Think Progress, who... Keep reading >>>

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May 17, 2006

Ed Schultz' crazy conspiracy theories

Desperately trying to improve his loony-leftie street cred, Ed Schultz has decided to offer his own conspiracy theory: ...Schultz says Christian stations are buying up the AM band to keep liberal talkers from getting too popular. He points to stations in Charleston, SC, Missoula, MT, and Phoenix, AZ. Air America Phoenix, (KXXT) went from an... Keep reading >>>

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December 23, 2005

Ed Schultz: bought by the Democratic Party?

Was Ed Schultz "auctioned off" at a Democratic Party fundraiser? Is he a bought-and-paid-for DNC operative? A Randi Rhodes C-SPAN interview from December 18, 2005's Q & A show gives that impression. She describes how in 2002 - before Air America Radio was hatched - she and Big Ed were invited to a fundraiser at... Keep reading >>>

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December 07, 2005

American Forces Radio welcomes Ed Schultz, Franken, Hannity

The Big Dumb Ed Schultz Show has finally hit American Forces Radio. Only the first hour will be heard, together with the first hours of the Al Franken Show and the Sean Hannity Show. However, since "liberals" need a constant state of war, there's a new battlefield for them to bring their daisies to: some... Keep reading >>>

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November 10, 2005

Ed Schultz on American Forces Radio; debate in Congress

According to this, Big Dumb Ed will soon appear on the Armed Forces Radio Network, but "soon" has not yet been defined. Backstory on this issue here. Now, we can argue about whether AFRN has "relented" as the Denver Post says or not, but there's a much more ominous news story behind all this. That's... Keep reading >>>

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October 29, 2005

Harkin trying to legislate "progressive" radio onto air

Senator Tom Harkin (D-IA) is trying to push through legislation that would require programming on American Forces Radio to be "fair and balanced". This is an outgrowth of the supposed pre-cancellation of Big Dumb Ed, and as that links says this is the second try for Harkin with this attempt to legislate "progressive" talkers onto... Keep reading >>>

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October 21, 2005

General Wesley Clark orders: Put Ed Schultz on AFRN!

We have been informed that the former General and political candidate who's also involved in some way with a disaster management firm offers his strong support to fellow crypto-VRWC member Ed Schultz at this page: Last year, Sen. Tom Harkin (D-IA) introduced a resolution that was unanimously passed by the Senate, urging Secretary Rumsfeld and... Keep reading >>>

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October 17, 2005

Ed Schultz nixed from Armed Forces Radio

The Ed Schultz Show was scheduled to begin airing an hour a day on Armed Forces Radio. However, this morning the Pentagon called and said that because officials were going to be out of town and they hadn't received authorization, Big Ed's debut was cancelled. The show's future on that network is up in the... Keep reading >>>

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September 26, 2005

Big Ed Schultz is not a capitalistic running dog

While some comrades have raised questions about the revolutionary credentials of Air America host Ed Schultz, the picture to the right should dispel all worries of those esteemed comrades. As you can plainly see, "Big Ed" attended the protest organized by our co-workers from A.N.S.W.E.R. ANSWER is, of course, associated with Ramsey Clark's International... Keep reading >>>

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September 11, 2005

Did you know that Ed Schultz has a book?

Did you know that Ed Schultz has a book entitled Straight Talk from the Heartland : Tough Talk, Common Sense, and Hope from a Former Conservative? Well, yes he does! And, did you know that he also has a radio show on 930 WRVC weekdays from 3-6 p.m.? And, did you know that after... Keep reading >>>

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September 07, 2005

Big Ed helps Katrina victims

Showing that he's a true conservative at heart, Ed Schultz flew to Gulfport, MS and started adopting victims of Katrina. He's set up a trust fund and a "Direct Response Rescue Mission." I doubt whether those he adopted will live with him, but I'm sure there are plenty of cheap apartments in Fargo. Now, of... Keep reading >>>

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August 08, 2005

What about Big Ed Schultz?

Is he a VRWC plant like some say over at DU? Or, is he now a committed liberal? Say something nice about the left's answer to Rush.... Keep reading >>>

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July 12, 2005

Ed Schultz beating Rush Limbaugh in Miami?

Those wacky "liberals" are at it again, trying to talk up Air America Radio and using their loony statistics to try to show something that doesn't exist. Raw Story - the left's answer to the Weekly World News - says that: The Ed Schultz show actually passed Limbaugh among the 25-54 age range in the... Keep reading >>>

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June 13, 2005

Big Ed is not a VRWC plant

Four days ago we posted "Former Clear Channel CEO buys Schultz show", and the news is finally filtering down to other sites, including DUmmieville. In fact, they've really gone off the deep end with their latest anti-Schultz screed "Is Ed Shultz a plant/spy/sabateur?" That thread appears to have been initiated by the Raw Story article... Keep reading >>>

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June 09, 2005

Former Clear Channel CEO buys Schultz show

Yesterday Democracy Radio sold "The Ed Schultz Show" to Randy Michaels, the former CEO of... Clear Channel Radio. DR says they're meant as an "incubator", and apparently Big Ed is now a fledgling. Details in "Michaels buys liberal radio talk show". Apparently it was Michaels that brought Rush Limbaugh to Clear Channel lo those many... Keep reading >>>

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June 08, 2005



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Monitoring Air America Radio [TM] so you don't have to.


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